The Use Of Electric Cars In UK-  report sheds light on evaluating the different aspects of electric cars and their impact on the U.K. 


This report sheds light on comparing the results of the findings of both articles. 

One article deals with a tribological solution to mechanical frictional losses in electric car,

and the others findings deals with the various impacts of usage of electric cars on normal citizens and their households. 

The report thoroughly discusses the major comparison between two journals,

for drawing effective conclusions related to the impact of electric vehicles. 

The significance of the report has been effectively discussed with relevant examples

Task 1

The energy crisis in the present world situation is real and to cope with that,

 most developed countries are investing in cleaner energy creation. 

This report sheds light on a comparison between two articles dealing with policy formations and

 updates made in the UK government and companies to bring changes in electric cars, 

discussing their impacts on society and results of emission on the environment. 

The report compares the presentation, findings, and methodology of the two articles. 

One article deals with the impacts of using electric vehicles and the changes it brings to the local society, 

while the other article deals with new scientific and technical advancements in the field of sustainability to solve current issues.


A major benefit of undertaking the research is that it will allow for the development of alternative,

methods of lowering carbon emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles. 

The United Kingdom has pledged to decrease its carbon emissions to zero by the year 2050, 

a goal known as “Net-Zero.

Vehicles account for approximately 27% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United Kingdom’s economic system. 

According to Morganti and Browne (2018), CO2 emissions from automobiles are causing significant pollution in the environment today

Global Warming

Because of the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere,

Mother Nature is being badly impacted. Global warming and acid rain,

are the two most significant contributors to the greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the overall environment of the United Kingdom. 

The use of electric vehicles would help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 

which would help to enhance the overall environment in the United Kingdom. 

Automobiles account for more than 55 per cent of

Rise of Electric Car

Rise of electric cars

Battery vehicle vs electric vehicle

Battery vehicle v electric vehicle

Task 2

Summary of both the articles:

The regulatory commissions of…

Emission difference between electric car and engine cars

This image above shows…

Charging done at different places

Charging done at different places

A huge network of electric set up for electric vehicles…




Passenger electric vehicles model in operation in the united kingdom
Implementation of electric vehicles by country
Implementation of electric vehicles by country
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