Promoting Health and Well-Being- A study report on understanding the importance of being healthy and transforming into a healthy lifestyle.

Promoting Health and Well-Being

The concept of health and well-being deals with establishing a healthy connection between the body and the mind. 

The death rate percentage is increasing due to high blood pressure, affecting the health of the people. 

The trend of high blood pressure among people could be declined with the help of exercise, 

a healthy diet and weight loss.


People affected by the disease must regularly check their blood pressure and monitor the fluctuation rate. 

As per the views of Rahimi et al. (2021), low blood pressure in people will help in reducing cardiovascular diseases. 

It is necessary to keep blood pressure under control regularly to avoid deadly diseases. 

The “know your numbers” initiate a blood pressure campaign where the blood pressure is checked

 and compared with the right number count and then let the patients through free health advice.

The campaign also raises awareness about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle,

through controlled blood pressure (Bloodpressureuk, 2022).

Promoting health and well-being

The purpose of the campaign is to understand the importance of being healthy and transforming into a healthy lifestyle. 

This campaign mainly helps to spread awareness regarding the health resources of individuals. 

The primary purpose of this campaign is to conduct free health checkups for the people in the UK. 

The target group or community in the study is to address the people of Birmingham in the UK,

to spread awareness on blood pressure checkups (Fatima and Mahmood, 2021). 

The “Know Your Numbers” is UK’s largest blood pressure awareness campaign targeting at least 1.5 million people.

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