Report On Global Event- A report on global event where max customers are targeted for International Market.

Report On Global Event

A global event is an event that takes place in order to capture,

The maximum number of customers on the international market.

For the study, Excel London is one of the popular companies for event management in the U.K,

As per Cornelissen (2017) it is the best way for the exchange and sharing of cultures and knowledge between people.


ExCeL London opened in November 2000, in London’s historic Royal Docks,

where there is widespread regeneration. ExCeL London has been a leader in regeneration today.

More than 4-million people attend 40-plus events every year at the venue,

which hosts over 400 events each year.

It provides 37,600 jobs and drives 25% of London’s inbound business tourists.

ExCeL events impact the local economy by £4.5bn per annum.

We discuss here the events that have shaped the global world, the factors that have affected its development,

as well as their impacts and legacy.


Diversity of global event industry

London Excel exhibition center needs to adapt in order to satisfy changing tastes and preferences of its audience.

It is crucial that people from all backgrounds and from different communities,

are able to enjoy the London Excel exhibition to the fullest.

The structure of the global events varies from company,

to company in which things which are common are a time for attending the event,

details of the venue all these are the basic structure of an event in today’s world,

but in today’s world which is digital, all these things are mentioned online advertisements,

which can highlight the point which the group of customer are willing to expect.

Impacts on society

In order to plan an event professionally, the company brings together a team of experts to formulate a plan,

where both pluses and minuses are discussed,

 the factors that are most important in organizing any event are sponsorships, budget, revenue developing brands, and logos.

As well as, events for highlighting the culture of any community, such as dancing, shows, etc.,

which make people aware of how earlier life was compared to now live is also 

performed to show how the way life used to be earlier and now. 

Culture, sports, theme parties, etc. all have different impacts on society depending on the type of event.


Factors that have influenced the development of the event industry on both global and local level

The event industry improves every year there are numerous amount of factors that contribute to the event industry.

  • Households

Duncann (2000) suggests that disposable income is the money left after taxes that is used to buy leisure, entertainment, and entertainment. 

By promoting events to households who have disposable income, the events industry is able to expand.

  • Social media

The social media platform increases personal awareness about running events by posting details about new events on social media. 

The objective of our study was to find out how consumers learned about,

special events directly from events themselves through Facebook’s Events. 

Our observation examined consumers’ attitudes toward the social networking site and the likelihood of attending an event.

  • Local-level

Local audiences are in great demand for such events, 

so the concept of gathering people together for entertainment and education has been developed. 

In the local community, there is a great deal of interest, 

which motivates the organizer to plan an event that will make people feel better and enjoy their time at the event.

Hosting an event is daunting work, but achieving your objectives through an event is even more challenging. 

Below are some key factors that have influenced the growth of the industry at the local, national, and global levels.

Realistic goals
  • Understand the purpose of the event:

Measuring the success of an event depends on its primary objectives. 

In order to achieve success, you must set realistic goals.

  • Selection of the right value is vital:

Selecting the right venue for your event and based on your intended audience is crucial to its success. 

The venue selection, and the participants’ demographic need to be in harmony.

  • Timing

For an event to be successful, the right timing is just as important as the right venue. 

Considerations include weeks, months, holidays, events, types, locations, 

and many other factors, including the number of days in a week, months in the year, and types of events.

  • Draft a plan and follow the timeline:

Since you know your target audience and what you hope to achieve, 

now is the time to get started. 

The time has come to establish a plan for completing the tasks and achieving the goal. 

You should start planning an event early enough to fully understand each aspect, 

the event’s requirements, steps you need to take, etc. 

Depending on the size and complexity of the event, begin planning early. 

Prior to starting the planning process, identify key milestones and deadlines. 

It is not enough to make an event planning plan, maintaining a timeline, 

and keeping track of the work is equally important

Targeted Audience
  • Knowing your audience is key

Your target audience’s needs and the organization’s objective must be identified. 

Figure out how you will reach your target audience and where you can find them after you have selected them. 

Would you consider searching outside your list of prospects if it weren’t long enough?


Reaching your prospects and generating more clients is easy with a variety of tools


  • Develop content that reaches your target audience:

The event’s value to attendees is one of the most important factors to consider. 

Provide information that your audience wants or solve their problems with compelling content that will attract your targeted audience. 

Don’t just use the sales pitch as your only marketing tool, add some value instead


  • Lead capture mechanism:

B2B events are likely to be primarily focused on capturing leads of prospective customers. 

You will be able to generate leads easier if you take care of all of the above, 

but you need to understand how you will capture your leads. 

Imagine some innovative ways or mechanisms that will work well for your events.

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