Reflective Journal is one of the most prevalent methods for keeping a diary. Many people use it to keep track of their feelings, thoughts, and observations.

Reflective Journal

A reflective diary is a record of your work in progress, but it’s really just a way to reflect on your learning experience.


The concept of a reflective journal refers to the particular place where an individual can write down daily reflection entries. 

It can be both a good and bad experience to rectify the weaknesses of the individual and learn from the past experiences. 

This report is going to describe the reflective journal on the basis of the three steps; 

they are a description of the previous experience, 

Interpretation of what is most important or the useful aspects of the event, 

lastly the outcome which is about what the person learned from the experience and its future implications as well.

Understanding and knowledge

The topic is interview skills and goal setting. From the previous knowledge, 

a student can improve the weak point develop more skills and make him able for any interview session for his career opportunities. 

The topic is also about how to develop presentation skills as well as interview skills from past experiences. 

The focus is also on the requirement of an interview for a job which includes personal qualities, 

the ability to express myself in a better way, motivation and enthusiasm. 

A student needs to prepare him or herself properly and be ready for a typical traditional interview question.

Need to check about the dos and don’ts while answering the question of an interview. 

The topic is about how to train a student to be skillful for an interview which is the necessary step before starting his or her career life. 

Moreover, it is necessary and why it is necessary to rectify the body language 

and the changes in the behavior of an individual to perform better in the working place. 

However, various skills like time management skills, critical thinking ability, 

and conflict handle ability in the working place; perfect communication skills as well as 

personal development skills are the main topic of this report (Rose, 2018, p.44)

Own strength and weaknesses and learning outcome

Identifying own strengths and developing the areas of growth is a vital task for a student. 

The strength of a student is his body language and speaking power. 

For a better interview session, the body language of the student depends on the words he has been spoken (7%), 

why the words are said (38%), and the overall body language (55%) which means the sitting posture,

eye contact maintenance with the interviewer, voice tome and on many other things. 

The weaknesses are those for a student the inability to grow faster, unable to develop and many others. 

In order to deal with all these weak points, a student needs to develop self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-confidence and many others. 

21st-century competency depends on knowledge, character and skills. 

Knowledge refers to the interdisciplinary, skills means creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication. 

While focusing on the goal need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound.

Moreover, character means how we behave with others and 

how much we ate involved in the work, mindfulness, curiosity, courage, ethics, leadership, resilience.  

The positive part of a student is to improve the general skill for career management and student management, 

bringing tiger the non-academic and academic achievements such as sports, leisure, volunteering, 

representative roles and many others to improve the career life too. 

The strength of a successful student becomes the strength of a successful employee.

The successful student must be independent, self-motivated, open to working with other persons, 

able to sets the goal to improve the work and always try to give the best, 

always try to organize the time and manage to complete the work in a smarter way, 

the ability to learn the best and try to implement in the own task. 

Resilience as a student means staying strong always in each and every situation



●      Managing anxiety

●      Resilience as a student means always staying strong

●      Adopting proper body language

●      Communication skills and self-confidence while answering the questions of the interviews.

●      Unable to develop personal planning

●      Lack of self-awareness

●      Unable to develop a proper strategy to reach the position where the person wants to be.

●      Lack of personal development planning

Application of various models and theories

Career EDGE Model:


Career development learning model helps the student to become more self-aware, 

considering the enjoyable things which they love the most, 

motivations and the things that suit their personalities, learning about researching the job market, 

ability to present them effectively, and making considered decisions about the career opportunities. 

Employability consists of four types of main elements; knowledge-attitude-skill, deployment (job searching, career management skill)

Presentation (interview techniques, CV writing), Personal circumstances (family responsibilities)

Kaizen method of continuous change and the application of the Pomodoro techniqu;

Kaizen methods refer to the need if “good changes” for continuous development. 

Whereas, Pomodoro techniques refer to the proper time management ability to do work 

each and every work effectively and manage time for self-improvement. 

Proper time management skill is a vital part of student life which helps a lot in their career life as well. 

The proper time management skill of a student makes him a more 

manageable, punctual, self-awarded person as well as a perfect leader too in his working place. 

There mentioned various stages of changes, such as identifying the methods to bring the change,

the definition of the factor generation change, 

understanding the need for change, establishing the ways to implement the change and many others.

However, change management is focused on the process of identifying the sources of resistance to the change 

and providing various ways in order to overcome all the situations. 


In this concluding section, it can be stated that the entire report is based on the self-improvement

elements required for career life improvement in student life. 

In this reflective journal, writing first of all needs to focus on the previous experiences, 

then the present interpretation and reflection of the experiences and after that the future outcome.

The overall report briefly discusses the strength and the weaknesses, 

the interview and presentation skills for a better career, time management skills to properly manage

all the weak points of an individual to make him able for the job.


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