Academic tools for a student are specific techniques which are used to measure the academic abilities of the student which is required for fluency as well as skills in the case of a specific subject. Academic tools are relevant in the case of measuring one proficiency in a specific subject area. In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of academic tools as well as information regarding 5 academic tools which students must know for their academic success. Academic tools are important in providing all kinds of features which are relevant in the case of streamlining the collection, feedback from traditional as well as grading. Academic achievement is required for successful development in the case of young people based on society.

The most significant academic tool of recent times includes online academic support. This online academic information provides access to the online courses, just an internet connection is required for accessing all the courses on the online platform.

Online learning tool
Figure 1: Online learning tool

The above figure explains several types of features provided by online learning models or online learning tools. The above figure suggests discussion and board activity are also enclaved in online education. Different universities are uploading all their notes and course information on the online platform. Students who have access to the portal can get all the notes as well as information from the portal if they are unable to attain the class in the offline format.  

Another significant tool that is essential for academic purposes is the “Assignment calculator ”. This is a significant calculator which is effective in breaking down all the projects in managing steps that are relevant to completing the assignment within due dates. The majority of you have certain kinds of problems in handling the assignment and completing the assignment within a given time period. The assignment calculator is the ideal tool for solving all these problems since this will help in breaking the assignment into subparts so that it can get managed within due dates. The whole-fledged research paper which is known as a dissertation can be calculated with the help of an assignment calculator.   

Another significant academic tools  for student which is relevant in the case of performing assignments is known as Grammarly.  While writing several kinds of assignments along with essays it has been observed that students make huge amounts of spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes as well as articles mistakes. As a reader, it is very irritating for the tutors to check non-profit assignments. It is impossible for any individual to manual proofread any document. This provides the area or role for the Grammarly software to come into action. This Grammarly helps in detecting mistakes done by any student while performing an assignment, this software not only examines all kinds of mistakes by also provides corrections to solve the problems.   

Academic tools for a student must know about
Figure 2: Grammarly Interface

The above figure provides justification regarding the interface of Grammarly software and it can be concluded from the interface that usage of Grammarly software is user friendly and the premium version is effective to solve the flaws in an assignment.  

Another assignment-based academic tool is associated with “Word count Jet”. In several countries, there is only one form of examination whichareassessment. The UK is one of the countries which provides primarily assignments to the students a form of examination. Thus the assignments which are given to the student require a specific word count to complete the project and sometimes the tutor may ask for reducing the word of increasing the world’s previously asked demand. This software used for word count tracking is significant; you just need to copy the assignment and paste it over here to get the exact word count of the assignment.

Turnitin is one of the significant academic tools for the teachers to verify the student’s research work and hard work for the project. As it is mentioned in several countries there is only an assignment form of education and related to this factor any student account directly copies something from the internet to pass the examination. In order to avoid this kind of problem, the tutor uses the Turnitin tool which determines the plagiarism in the specific assignment and if the plagiarism score is low the tutor understands the assignment is not copied and done by the students.      


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