“Black lives matter”- a popular movement

BLM or Black lives matteris a social movement formed in 2013 in the U.S. This social injustice created news when Black people were brutally killed by the police. The story began with the killing of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Rekia Boyd in 2013. However, it brought attention in the global context in 2020 with the George Floyd protest. This protest spread within two thousand cities along with the town of sixty cities. It becomes an international reaction; the movement gets the attention of millions of people across the world. BLM seeks the attention of people on a global level; the main aim is to provide justice to black people for decades. Additionally, BLM activist also focuses on some “conflict resolution” and mental health programs. Moreover, 93% of the protest was non-destructive and peaceful as the main motto is social justice.

Police misconduct and unfair use of force and power against African America lead to the “civil rights movements” which further allows the protesters to protest against police accountability. It is seen that in this protest, 13 to 26 million people participated, about 14,000 people had been arrested, and about 19 people died in the protest. However, the reaction of the authority was mixed sometimes negative as well. Moreover, it is more than the collaboration of 50 different groups who constantly showed their support and morals to get justice. Additionally, with the help of celebrities with huge fan followers, this movement gets attention as well.

World Responding to Black lives matter

Black Lives Matter is considered a social and political movement that highlights some significant injustices including discrimination, racial inequality and racism experienced by the black belong to the black community. People belonging to all races, nations, and all around the world showed their support and protested to gain justice. This movement focuses on bringing healing, power, and justice to black people as they had suffered the most on the bases of their race, color, and nationality. Such discrimination is very intolerable in the present society. It is seen that at the time of any official hiring in any well-known organization, the most efficient and productive people from these communities are generalized and rejected. Unequal distribution of opportunity, scope, and power needs to be stopped. It is seen that people from this particular community are treated unfairly and the laws, institutions, and policies aid in perpetuating that unfairness. This movement fought through the efforts suggested to provide better police training that may help in dealing with the misconduct.

Celebrities taking part in the movement

Naomi Osaka, a well-known tennis player showed her support publically, additionally, she said that it would not be great enough to support the victims only by using the masks with their names. Apart from that, stars including Jamal Murray and LeBron James supported the Wisconsin man who was shot by the police multiple times. Additionally, T.I. the rapper wanted justice for an individual arrested by the police. These celebrities embraced the movement with the help of creating a better world for our living Furthermore, Emma Watson has participated in various social events on this particular matter, she state that she had s brutally criticized for opening up on such social matters in her past interviews. Selena Gomez also told her followers to hear more from the black voices. Support from such well-known celebrities is admirable as they have an immense number of followers and their support for the black lives helps them to get justice as well.