Business management is a study branch that focuses on organising and managing company resources. UK universities offer business management studies at graduate and post-graduate levels, and this blog accounts for information regarding top universities of the UK associated with business management. 

There are 2.5 million students present in the UK who are pursuing business management education in the country. The top university for business management in the UK is “University of Oxford ”, and in this university, there is evidence of teaching in early 1906. Another university in the UK famous for business management education is “London school of university and science”. This university is considered among the earliest universities founded in 1895. “London business school” is another famous school for business management studies, and this university was founded in London in 1964. 

“The University of Cambridge” is another important university where graduate degrees are available in business management studies; this university was founded in Cambridge in 1209. Another university that provides an excellent management study course in Manchester is “University of Manchester”. This is one of the recent and famous universities in the UK, founded in 2004. “University of Leads” is considered a publicly funded university in Europe famous for business management studies; this university was started in 1904. Finally, “UCL”, also known as “University College London”, is one of the famous universities in the UK for business management studies; this university is located in London and was founded in 1826.  

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