Making a decision about a university course might be challenging for students. Instead of picking a career based on how much you enjoy the field, career possibilities are frequently cited as the key consideration. Nowadays, there are ample opportunities available in academic and professional fields. However, students need to explore more before deciding on a career as well as a university to enroll in. The academic environment has become highly competitive and, therefore, you need to enroll in a prominent or top-ranked university to explore more career opportunities. Every student has a different set of interests when it comes to opting for a particular career. Let’s take a look at the top six universities (based on ranking) in the UK to pursue a career:

Top universities in the UK

1. University of Oxford 

This is the oldest English-speaking university in the globe and is considered one of the globe’s biggest academic universities. The University of Oxford constitutes thirty-eight independent colleges. Oxford University received a Gold rating on the Academic Excellence Model, and its alumni continue to have some of the greatest career opportunities in the UK. 

The average salary for Oxford graduates five years after college is about £43,000 The University also has the highest percentage of students in the UK who receive a 2:1 or higher and first-place finishes. The university is well-known for Law, MBA, and Humanities courses. Hence, if you want to pursue a career in any of the three fields then Oxford University is the best to enroll in International fees of Oxford University range between £23,105-30,540. The university ranks first in the Times University Guide 2023 and second in the Guardian University Guide 2023.

 Oxford University has contributed the highest submission of any HEI (Higher Education Institution) in the United Kingdom, accounting for more than 3600 researchers in twenty-nine distinct subject areas. Therefore, the University of Oxford is a suitable university for students who want to advance their career in the field of Humanity, MBA, or Law.           

2. University of St Andrews

This university stands in the third position in terms of the oldest English universities in the globe. The university is popularly known for courses such as international relations, physics, and computer science. Hence, this is the best place for students who want to advance their careers in the Information Technology sector. Scotch degrees take four years to complete; hence the University of St Andrews offers higher flexibility to students.

 Four facilities are taught in the university– medicine, arts, divinity, and science and, therefore, students have the opportunity to develop their specialisation in the final 2 years. Since the university is a historic institution, it has numerous customs, including the idea of university “parents”, who are 3rd-year students. In addition, the university has a tradition of May Dip which promotes students to visit the North Sea on the evening of May Day.

 Therefore, this university is highly recommended for you if you want to participate in the customs and traditions of modern-day universities. Nowadays, you must be versatile enough to advance your career in the contemporary world; thus, this university is highly recommended.  

3. University of Cambridge 

The University of Cambridge is located in Cambridge, England and it was established in 1209. International fees range between £19,197-29,217. The university stands in 2nd position in terms of oldest English-speaking universities. The famous courses offered by the university are Law, Science, and Economics. Hence, this location will suit you best if you want to pursue a career in these three fields. In contrast to other collegiate universities, Cambridge is a consortium of 31 autonomous colleges united under the name of Cambridge. The colleges are all a part of Cambridge, yet they are all mainly autonomous. They choose which applicants to accept, deliver the supervisory training for undergraduates, and are in charge of the domestic accommodations and welfare of both faculty and students. They also choose their own educators and fellows in each discipline.  

4. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

If you are eager to advance a career in the fields of economics and social science. The university is registered under Russell Group, Russell Group represents twenty-four of the UK’s largest universities. The London School of Economics takes pride in having some of the most academically gifted and driven students in the nation. 

 LSE is popularly known for its largest library in the globe dedicated to the subject of social sciences, and the library’s borrowing rate is 4 times higher than the national average. In addition, LSE guarantees the highest starting wages and employment rates after graduation. Therefore, students are recommended to enrol in LSE if they are interested in the subject of economics and social sciences. Around two-thirds of students attending courses in LSE come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds as they come from outside the UK. Thus, students should prioritise this university if they want to indulge in a multicultural university background. LSE ranks at fourth position in the Times University Guide 2023. 

5. Imperial College London

As one of the top institutions in the world, Imperial College London is a member of the “Golden Triangle” of six prestigious British universities, which also comprises Cambridge and Oxford. Historically, Imperial has been noted for its top-notch programmes in science, engineering, and medicine, while more recently, the Imperial College Business School and Humanities department have also become well-regarded institutions. 

The university is located in London and international fees range between £25,000-28,000. The college is popularly recognised for its speciality courses in Engineering, Science, and Medicine. With an emphasis on UK student visas and the laws governing employment during and after study, the Overseas Office oversees the provision of immigration counsel to foreign students at Imperial. Imperial has numerous campuses in South East and London that have great transportation connections and are simple to get there using public transportation. 

Therefore, the college is suitable for students who want to pursue a career in science at a top-ranked university. 

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