Personal Statement For University – basically includes business programs to help students launch their own businesses.

Personal Statement

Main body

  1. Personal statement about University
  2. Why do you want to study the subject and why should University choose you
  3. Previous work experience related to course
  4. Summary
  5. Reference

1. Personal Statement about university.

Leeds Trinity University was established in 1966, the institution gained recognition as a university college in 2009,

after acquiring the right to award its own degrees and was awarded full university status in December 2012. 

It would be like a dream come true to get a chance to study in a reputed university,

since I have always been interested in business management. 

It is my belief that studying at this university will open up new possibilities for me in life.

2. Why do you want to study business management and why should University choose you?

Different ways businesses are managed and the reasons why some succeed while others fail to make it past year one, 

despite offering seemingly good products or services, has always interested me. 

I possess a special interest in Marketing modules in a Management course 

and my passion has grown with my knowledge of the subject. 

Analyzing consumer behavior is especially enjoyable to me. 

The excellence of this institution is reflected and confirmed by my commitment to academic success. 

I am the caliber of person who, when I graduate, many people will correlate my success,

with the outstanding curriculum of your university. 

In addition to my strong academic credentials and my passion for business management, 

I make myself a good candidate to study at this reputable institution

3. Previous work experience related to the course?


After moving to the U.K in 2015, I worked for 4 years at a factory called Kanes Food, 

which produced food in large quantities and delivered meals throughout London. 

After gaining substantial experience there, I moved to another factory named Avara Foods in Dudley, 

as I have strong feelings that enrolling in this university will help me improve my life.

4. Summary

  1. Why are you interested in the business management course? Please explain why you have chosen to apply for this programmed at university?

Universities offer business programs to help students launch their own businesses. 

Entrepreneurship offers many benefits, but success requires creativity, innovation, and a solid plan of execution. 

My ability to manage will be strengthened if I study business management at a reputable university like yours.


 2.Why do you think you’re suitable for business management?

I utilized my leadership and management skills to organize events at my school during my school days, 

which made me more confident to become a leader. Studying here will definitely help me achieve that goal.

 3. Why is now the correct time in your life to do so?

In the early days of my arrival in the UK, 

I was very focused on my studies and have already decided to study business management,

after gaining experience for a period of 4-5 years.


 4. Where do you hope your chosen course will take you? How do you think this course will help in your aspiration?

Through the course at this University, 

I am sure that I will be able to become the person I always strived to be, 

that is the leader of my own business. 

I know that I will benefit from studying in such a university as this one,

 will help me to move forward with my career.

 5. What are your academic strengths?

Leadership skills- the ability to lead people forward, make progress and emulate other leaders 

are my biggest academic strengths. 

This relates to the ability to accept mistakes when corrected.


 6. Does your current or previous studies relate to the course you have chosen?

I have acquired quite lengthy experience refers to my studies and work,

that have given me several skills such as leadership and management, decision making. 

I am going to start my own business after some time and,

 I need some appropriate knowledge and research and Business management studies,

is quite appropriate and will help me to do so.

 7. How your previous work experience and/or education prepared you for studying your chosen course?

My work experience in a food factory has taught me to schedule meetings,

on my own and sometimes handle work pressure, 

things that have prepared me for my studies in this discipline.



 8. What difficulties or challenges do you foresee during the study of the course and how you will you deal with these?

Managing academic and extracurricular obligations will be the biggest challenge for me, 

but I am well capable of managing time as my biggest strength. 

I will surely be able to overcome the challenge by setting priorities and scheduling time as needed.

 9. Universities like to know the skills you have that will help you on the course, or generally with life at university. 

List these skills here and tell why are you excited about the course you have chosen

Communicating at a high level is my strongest skill as I believe effective leaders,

must be able to communicate verbally, in writing, and by listening.



 10. List any job positions or roles or responsibilities you have held both in and out of school and attributes that make you interesting, special and unique.

I had the opportunity to organize a dance event when I was in high school,

and my other four friends had already organized nothing before that, 

it was new for me and I was managing the costs and making decisions. 

When I received appreciation, I was thrilled that others had recognized my leadership abilities.

 11. If you know what you would like to do after completing the course, explain how you want to use the knowledge and experience that you gain.

 A few years of experience working for a reputable company at the manager level,

is what I would like to do before starting my own business. 

I will bring the book knowledge I learned at University to bear in my work.

Any other achievements which you are proud of?

My two biggest achievements, including the dance event I mentioned earlier, 

and a meeting in which I gave a presentation to my boss, 

which was quite nerve-racking as there were many thoughts of whether I could do it. 

However, I ended up doing it and my boss even acknowledged my efforts.

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