It has been observed in recent times that people from all parts of the world are coming to specific countries for educational purposes. In recent times students from all parts of the world are coming to the UK for educational purposes. There are around 605,130 students from other countries currently enrolled at institutions in the UK.

Life in UK for international students

Students from other countries who come to the UK for higher education frequently express concern that they may experience culture shock. However, there are certain obstacles involved with living in a new culture, and this site is associated with analysing life in the UK for international students. Living in a new culture can be exhilarating.Almost 90% of the students experience culture shock when arriving in the UK since food, language, and behaviour are different from other countries. People in the UK are reserved, especially to strangers such as international students, and they like to hear “thank you” and please.

Being late as a student in the UK is a problem for student survival; punctuality should be maintained in every appointment, and if you think you will be late, you have to inform them beforehand. Alcohol consumption by the students in the UK is dominant in society, and if you are from an Asian country, then you cannot even think about how much alcohol is consumed by every student. In the case of a bank, bus or a waiting line, you are expected to maintain a queue since line maintenance is an essential factor in the country. 



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