What is Personal and Professional Development?

Personal and professional development


 Personal and professional development plan (PPD) refers to the gaining of knowledge and skills for personal development and career achievements. It includes all types of possible learning opportunities.

 I set different goals and objectives and define different strategies to achieve my goals. When you think of personal and professional development, what skill you need to accomplish the results required, both in your role and for life in general. It is about improving your talents potential both in and out of the workplace. I can contribute to my  maturity, success and satisfaction.

This report discusses various approaches to self-managed learning and the skills required to organisational goals and objectives. Self-SWOT analysis and the needs to achieve the overall development of an individual are briefly described. 


A SWOT is an analytical technique used to examine the viability of a company, product, idea, or project. It maps the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the subject of the analysis. One step in strategy-making. The SWOT name consists of the initials of the English names of the four areas examined in the analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. The SWOT analysis divides the above four areas into two separate categories: Internal factors – we have an impact on these. These include strengths (S) and weaknesses (W). External factors – we have no direct influence on these because they are beyond our control. These are the opportunities (O) and the dangers (T). This is how it can be visually represented in a so-called SWOT table:


Strengths: Personal Development

 In my opinion, my greatest strength is my self-confidence, this is the strongest part of my personality. I can easily benefit from this in all areas of life, here I am thinking of my work, my relationships and my studies. It follows my second strength, good communication skills. I am easy to understand, and I can easily understand others, whatever the situation. My third biggest strength is that I can work hard. I have learned since I was young that I can achieve great success with hard work, there are no obstacles for me in this area.While I was in high school even when I was doing my graduation, I was working afternoons and Saturdays in a mechanic garage. The last thing I chose as a strength is that I learn easily. During my work, I must memorise a lot of information, such as addresses, as my memory is very good this goes easily. That’s why I think it’s easy to learn when I read, hear, and what interests me, I immediately memorise all the information related to it.


Weaknesses: Form of development perspective

One of my biggest weaknesses is that I am disorganised. I always focus on the things in the present, so I can easily forget what I planned for the past or the future. My second weakness is my inattention. Unfortunately, concentrating for a long time on something that doesn’t interest me so much is a problem for me. My inattention also applies to the fact that I am scattered, handling things around me with ease. This causes the third thing I mentioned, which is forgetfulness. The fourth weakness is also related to the previous problems, which is carelessness.


Opportunities: Important stage for development

Part of my plans is to continue my studies. I would like to utilize the knowledge I have gained so far and learn even more novelties in the future to improve my skills. I’m always looking for new challenges, any different fields and trying to do more my main job and to have something in afternoon learning or having a second job as a hobby.

One of my hobby is building Lego I could sit even 7 hours but only with Lego technics.

 I love having them in my life. It keeps me motivated. I like to try myself in new things in life, which is still unknown, I get even more experience with it. If I have any fears or difficulties in the future, I will deal with it so that, if necessary, I will take trainings that develop this ability.



Threats: Main part of development

One of them for me is that I don’t handle my financial things as well as I would like.I did not have any difficulties in my life but it can be a problem at any time if I lose control. The second big threat is because of my impatience, which I figure out, I wish it could succeed right away. I always expect everything to go easily, without difficulty, but if that do not turn out that way, I will have a hard time dealing with my anger. It’s also a threat, what if my plans do not materialize, if I do not have the future the way I planned and have to reinvent everything.
































Ability to work under pressure






































When I came to London my first job was cleaning rooms in Hilton Hotel Resorts.


After three and half months I had an opportunity to become a Linen Room Supervisor without any experience and my English was beginner level. My confidence and my flexibility helped me through this first three months as a supervisor.


I also have been working with 10 people under my leadership and I was good at it. I even won the worker of the month award.


I am very disorganized most of the time. It is a mess around me. I know i must improve this for the future , take notes and schedule my lifetime.


About technology, it is changing very fast, and I do not think I can follow unless I am taking lessons.

My management it is also bad I always leave everything to the last moment.

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